The Easiest Approach

This is Non-threatening, and definitely not pushy. It doesn't get any easier than this! Once you get started you will find it to be A LOT OF FUN!!! and--- YOU will make $$$...

Here's how it works:

CALL ANYONE you know, other than an Internet lead:

YOU: Hey Tom, how you doing?
Tom: Fine.
YOU: Family ok?
Tom: Yup.
YOU: Hey, let me ask you something ... "WANNA MAKE SOME MONEY?"
Tom: Sure - Depends. What is it?
YOU: What's your best e-mail address?
Tom: why?
YOU: I'm going to e-mail you a COOL Web Site that I'm excited about. Gotta pen?
Tom: Yeah.
YOU: Write this down: (your website)
Tom: What is it?
YOU: Just go to this web site and watch the video, it takes X minutes, and you'll see why I'm so excited. OK?
Tom: Yeah.
YOU: I'll call ya back later today or tomorrow to see if you see what I see. OK?
Tom: Sure
YOU: Would it be better if I called you later Tonight or Tomorrow?
Tom: Tomorrow.
YOU: Great. What time is best for you tomorrow, when you'd have 10-15 minutes?
Tom: 6pm
YOU: Great ... I'll talk to you then. Get ready to see something REALLY COOL.

YOU--- Send Tom a short - simple e-mail with the link to your site and a reminder of when you are calling him back.

YOU -- Call Tom back as planned and see if he is interested in learning more!!!

Set up a 3 way call with your sponsor!!!

No Matter What - Call 5 than Call your Coach


This was a GREAT test. I had to call these people anyway.

Everyone positively answered yes to "Wanna make some money?" EVERYONE! And everyone was willing to look at my web site.

Next I told them I was doing a test for my business and I needed them to check out my new site and let me know what they thought...all said YES with no hesitation what so ever...

One lady was so responsive she wanted to know the web address right then and without my knowing it she was going there online even during the short script. While I made the comment about the time it took to load...she said yes I know I am going there now.

I quickly ended the call so she could concentrate on the info.

Nothing but positives....

Two people, one man from P'cola and one lady from Decatur, AL are looking at web site and I can call back for results...the lady wants to discuss it in a week or so when she comes to visit.

One lady from Louisiana is having computer problems and will be going to her mothers on Monday, Mar 3rd to check out the web site...she is confident that she wants to do this...excited to look at the web site and get started...This person is destine to be one of my money makers.

One man from New Orleans, LA is getting married and considers this a possibility so the new wife can stay home and work. Likes what he saw in flash...wants me to send brochures to share with others where he lives....will discuss the business opportunity in a couple weeks when he comes to Pensacola to visit his fiancée?

My neighbor was glad to look at the flash...expecting fourth baby...hands full at moment...look at the business later on. The beta test and the new flash method of informing impressed me to ask and her to check it out. I was excited to ask & she was excited to check it out.

By accepting the challenge, presenting the test, making the calls and following up made this very profitable time. It definitely cuts down on rejection and leaves the door open to for them to look at the business far only one has said put me on hold...all the others are optimistic.

Thanks for the challenge...and giving me a new method in which to share the business with my warm market...

And a method in which to challenge my downline...

This was awesome...It will get you pumped...and makes calling addictive...

Thanks so much...