The high quality materials you can order through your Company makes offline marketing enjoyable - and affordable.


Share A Smile!

Put on a smile and picture the smiles people will get when they see yourBrochure the next time they are;

  • visiting the local library,
  • waiting in line at the corner store,
  • picking their children up from the Day Care center,
  • waiting for their clothes to dry at the Laundromat...

You get the picture? Well... you can bet they will too!



Always include your personal information on every brochure you leave behind. Too many times have a heard a story of someone finding a piece of literature regarding a company but no contact info to be found. these people are left to fend for themselves as the search to find someone in the company to sponsor them. We all like to be on the receiving end of the "GIFT IBO", but no one likes to be on the losing end.