Medical Survey Script

Who to call? Call Businesses, do not call residential people. Keep the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY laws in mind. (Yes, there is a complete section on phone surveys in the DNCR which is exactly why we tell you NOT to call residential people with this script.)

What to say?

"Hello this is {your-first-name} with XYZ Team and we're doing a 1 question medical survey today. May I ask you ... How do you like your dental plan at your work there?"

Option A
...I like it.
..."Great. Have a good day."

Option B
...I don't like it. (OR ...we don't have one.)

..."We provide the nation's best dental plan, saving you up to 80% off. Who is in charge of your health benefits, and let's see if this would help you and your company?"

..."I can stop by and either show you a 5 minute brochure, or a 10 minute video to see if this would help you. Which would work better for you, a 5 minute brochure explanation, or the 10 minute company video?"

...Set the day/time of an appointment to stop by their company.

Important Note: ALL Brokers MUST BE Group Certified through before they are able to start calling businesses to try and sign them up as a group. If you are not yet Group Certified, find out more through your sponsor.


  • How to Enroll a Business (Company)


  • Enrolling a business. You need two kinds of forms
    1. Employer Acceptance Letter - 1 for each Company
    2. Group Enrollment Form - 1 for each employee

    Employer fills out the Employer Acceptance Letter
    Employees fill out the Group Enrollment Forms

    The Employer writes ONE CHECK to AmeriPlan for the first month of each employees plan. If they are enrolling 5 or more employees, you can waive the $20 registration fee. If so, your commissions will be monthly "as earned". If they are enrolling under 5 employees, you must collect the $20 per employee for their one-time registration fee, and you must also collect a voided check from the employer for automatic drafting of their checking account until they get 5 employees on their plan and request a "List Bill" from Ameriplan. ok?

    I have one business that used a CREDIT CARD instead of a checking account and I just wrote the credit card info on the application where the BANK INFO was requested, and it went through just fine.