(sometimes called a CAREER FAIR)

Go to any GROCERY Store, WAL-MART, KMART, Convenient Store, Etc. and you will often find papers like "JOB FINDER" "CAREER LOCATOR" and various "Thrifty Nickel" or "Penny Saver" type papers.  Some are free papers, and others cost under $1.  In there you will often find JOB FAIRS advertised.  You can also find them in your City Paper (Sunday Edition).

If you need other places to look, CALL your local newspaper, TV stations, Radio Stations, or local Chamber of Commerce and ask them when and where the next Job Fair or Career Fair will be held.

1.  WHY do people attend a Job Fair/Career Fair?  Because they want a change in their job or career, right?  That's why this is an excellent place to find prospects.  You KNOW these folks are looking for a change.

2.  Do NOT pay for a booth.  Booths cost $800 - $1500 normally.

3.  Attend like any local person who is LOOKING for a new job or new career.

4.  Dress sharp, but don't over dress.

5.  Carry some type of attaché or folder etc. to put the info you receive from folks.

6.  If you visit the booths, do not prospect them for your business at their booth!!!  Instead just sound interested and don't talk too much.  Try to collect as many business cards as you can, and make sure they have their personal email address on it, or ask them for their email.  Put a big "V" on the top of the card, to remind you later it was a VENDOR at the Job Fair.

7.  Normally there is an area of tables and chairs so guests to the Job Fair can fill out job applications.  THIS is the area where you will do your contacting.

8.  Try to pick out the sharpest people first, and simply and casually walk up and say:

"Hey" (that's what they say in the South), or "Hi There (that's what they say in the North) ... they will look at you and say the same. 
Then YOU say "Find what you're looking for?"
Then THEY say "Maybe"
Then YOU say "Whatta ya looking for?

--note-- they may be another vendor looking for job applicants, and if so say "I wish you all the best", and move on.
--note-- Most say something about the job they are looking for

9.  You ask the BIG question:  "How much do you want to make?"
They will be surprised, but will say:  "$30,000/year"
YOU say, "So then $50,000/year would definitely work for you then, right?"

--note-- No matter how much money they say, you should quote a number 25% - 50% higher than they say.  Remember we've had people make over $100,000 their first year in their business and your prospect may do that or even better -- you never know.

10.  Now they want to know:  "What is it you do?"
You say, "It's marketing XYZ.  Listen I don't have all the details to give you right here ... do you have a resume, business card, or something with your contact information on it?"

--NOTE-- Minimum get their NAME, EMAIL, PHONE, and best time to reach them at this phone number.  ALSO .. make sure you write down how much INCOME you told them was possible with you if they join YOU!!!
--NOTE-- Very important .. on the BACK of their business card, or on their resume or contact sheet, make sure to write the annual income you told them was possible with your business ... as this will likely vary from person to person.

11.  YOU QUICKLY MOVE ON -- remember you did NOT pay for a booth, so do NOT take too much of this person's time.  Your purpose on this day is to COLLECT AS MANY CONTACTS AND THEIR INFORMATION as you can!!!!!

12.  Within 24 hours EMAIL each person a personal THANK YOU email.  Let them know they are exactly what you are looking for (after all -- don't tell them this, but you know they are BREATHING and they are SEARCHING and they had enough INITIATIVE to attend a seminar to find some direction in life -- isn't that what you're looking for?)

Dear {firstname}

Thank you for giving me your contact information at the recent Job Fair at ________.  I can tell you I firmly believe you have what it takes to do very well in our business.  You did say that $________ per year would be a good income for you right?  Well, I can tell you that you CAN make even more than that with us, if you want to.

(firstname}, I will be looking over all the contacts I received, and be calling the most promising very soon.  What day/time(s) are best to reach you at this phone number? _____

Your Name
Your email
Your phone

--NOTE-- Do not give out any web site address yet.

13.  Within 24 hours of your email, begin calling each person and do an initial interview over the phone. 

Hello.  Is ______ there?

This is {--yourname--} and we met at the Job Fair.  You indicated that $________ would be good money for you.  Is that still the case? ______  Wonderful.   I know that you can make that, or more with us.  The neat part is our company will pay ME more money if I help you do that, and I like making more money.  How about we get together and I show you how to quickly make your first $1,000 (part-time) even if you're currently working somewhere else?  Would Tuesday or Wednesday be better for you? ___________  What's the best time of day for you? ________.

Super.  Let's meet at {--give-them-the-location--}.
Do you know how to get there? ____

If for any reason an EMERGENCY comes up that would prevent you from making this meeting, would you call me or email me and TELL ME so I can replace you with someone else?

One last thing .. and {--firstname--} I'll send you an email reminder on this too ... but IF you can EMAIL me the NAME, EMAIL, and PHONE number of 3-5 references of sharp people who know you -- I know YOU will be on the top of our HOT LIST.  Can you do that? ___

--NOTE-- The 2-5 referrals are WHY you don't want to give out your web site to these local leads too soon.  You see, IF you can get 3-5 referrals from them, they are MORE LEADS you can follow-up with.  (see below)

14.  How to call the referrals:

Hello.  Is {--firstname--} there?

{--firstname--}, I was talking to ________ the other day about our business, and your name came up.  Do you know __________?  Well they put you down as one very sharp business person.  I'm looking for 3 sharp people right now that would like to make an extra $1500 working part-time out of their home.  If they enjoy the work, they can make an extra $50,000 - $90,000 in the next 12 months.  Would you have any interest in that kind of extra income? _________ (be quiet and wait for reply).

--note--  If they are not personally interested, ask them "Do you happen to know of anyone who is not making what their worth, but would like to make more money?" ________