Confession of an LEADSOHOLIC
Fine I confess!
I've been accused and rightfully so... I am a LEADSOHOLIC...
When others sneak away for a shopping spree to get a fix... I buy leads.
I know how good it feels to treat yourself to a night out once in a while... But, for me it's leads.
You can keep your over priced Dinner... I know I can buy as many as 200 leads for the price of that
plate of food!!! I remember nearly loosing it watching Heather spend $50 on a jacket last year...
I knew I could buy as many as
2,000 leads for the cost of that canvas cover!!! Man, if she would have
let me I'd have turned that canvas into cashmere with the same $50...
Heather has caught me red handed so many times it's not even funny anymore... Here is how it goes:
I usually wake up early in the morning so nobody in my family knows what I am doing... While the
Girls are still sleeping, I tip toe into my spare bedroom/office and check my emails... This is the beginning
of my obsession right here. The count is on... ONE, TWO, THREE.... TWELVE, THIRTEEN... TWENTY ONE, TWENTY TWO...
In the darkness of early morning I begin my secret count of hits on my "Wealth" Teaser Page and personal emails from
prospects.... It's either going to be a good day or I start obsessing about who I'm going to call today!!!
You see I know that if I don't have 30 fresh people EVERYDAY who have raised their hand looking at my Business than I do not have enough HOT prospects to call to continue my streak as a top performer... The Lord knows if I don't put on 5-10 new IBO's each month than I feel miserable and sick... I just can not let that happen EVER again!
Therefore this obsession is TERMINAL... INCURABLE...
Everything is fine if the stack of fresh hot prospects is there for me EVERYDAY - BUT - if not.... I loose it... Here is what I do... I can not help it:
I sneak away into the websites of my secret sources and buy more leads... I KNOW IT'S CRAZY... You don't have to tell me!
Maybe you can be satisfied with a dinner out... I can't. Maybe it works for you to go buy your favorite magazine or take a drive
to clear your head... That does nothing for me! I need LEADS... NOW.. Or I freak out!!!
It was really scary the first several months this started happening to me because I had NO money for my fix!
I am confessing to you right now.... I used O.P.M. ---- NO not opium... Other Peoples Money...
What I did was pull out my Visa card and ordered about 1,000 leads. If it was real bad I have been known to
order 5,000 or occasionally even 10,000 to get my fix... That was the start of the relief... The order was in.
Than came the pain before the pleasure... You know GUILT.. Spending O.P.M.
The only cure for this stage comes when I get the money back to cover my tracks... Here is how I do it:
BTW, This is always how Heather knows that I again have succumbed to my obsession...
I close the door to my spare bedroom/office, put on my headset and begin dialing phone numbers... I do not stop
dialing phone numbers until I reach prospects... NO ONE DARES TO STOP ME!!! I read them the same phone script I have
been using since my first day in the BIZ. I ALWAYS transition into the
close... Sometimes I feel like a broken record
saying the same thing over and over again: " So BOB which enrolment makes the most sense to you. starting at the TOP
level where you get all the value or do you need to start on the lesser plan?" "GREAT... All I need is your first name as it appears on your drivers license...''
OVER and OVER I perform this beloved ritual until I have processed the application and see the THANK YOU screen on
my IBO website knowing a check will be in the mail  to cover my OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER
because I am an incurable LEADSOHOLIC...
My dear family knows that when this happens and the door closes... Don't mess with Daddy! He is not going to be right
in the head until he comes out of that room smiling... It might take several evenings... Just let him be!!!
Sure things are changing as I move closer to The TOP... To keep the adrenalin
pump at the same level I now have to fake it... You know the part about O.P.M.  You see I now have the
money to buy all the leads I want anytime I want them... But I try and not think about that... It takes the fun of the fix
out of it... YES, I still buy leads whenever I'm short of those 30 prospects each day... but I have to make believe that I can't
afford it to still get the thrill out of the chase, to sign up the next IBO to cover my expense...
So,  now that you know my secret I have to tell you to be very careful with this knowledge. If you copy me you may
end up as a financially free IBO...
Have Fun... It's so worth it,
Jeff Osness, Founder of Legendary Incomes
"Leads are the Lifeblood of our Business"
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